how long has it been?

Wow! this is soo funny.. haha me and my friend in computer class were being dumb and BORED and looking up live journals! AND HERE I AM WRITING IN MY OLD ONE.. yeah thats pretty fuckin hillarious. HA! dont really know what to say it's been a year from the last time i wrote..

i've changed so much and SO much has happened this past year that i dont even know how much to write. anyway people have changed so much especially the friend situation.. there is so much drama at this school its honestly scary! one thing you do becomes world war 3 im not kidding.. if everyone would just grow up and be themselves and stop CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK, then i think the world would be much better off.

But people never learn and never grow up. Some stay immature and it will hurt them in the long wrong. whatever.. you gotta feel sorry for those people and hope they get help someday! well this has been cool writing in this after a year. im going to try and update it holy shit its been so long!

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i'm back..

hey .. wow this feels soo weird i haven't written in this in such a long time! well today is tursday and there is no school tomorrow! oooh yeah! getting wasted tonight same old.. jenna's spending the night because me anne marisa and her are going to bucsh gardens tomorrow? so i wanna keep this journal up I usually have no time.. cheerleading, work and everything so i'll ttyl byebye!
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summer! :)

hey it's summer and i started a newer journal.. i am havin fun, i've been going to the beach alot and shopping mostly! Hanging out with my buddies. take a look at my profile i added some cute quotes :) lol.. i start high school soon YIKES! :\ i will like it i'm sure but for now it's summer so that's all i want to think about. My bestest friend in the whole wide world moved last weekend. :( it's all good though because her house is nice and i love it! heh.. so at least i will see her alot, but today i didnt do much i slept at nikki's last night and we went to wendy's today and did nothing basically. last night we were pretty wired though.. we saw richie yesterday during the day we hung out with him kyle keith and them, but then we got tired and decided to leave to go to her house and sleep there. well anyway i will try to write later if not. Then tomorrow <3!
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